Monday, June 2, 2008

Just Singles.

That's it.

That's all I did today.


My main focus was creating and maintaining tension throughout the lift.

Recently I have been focusing on relaxing, conserving energy and trying to push longer. This was a nice change and I plan on adding in some pure strength days like this one. Maybe a better name from them would be "Strength Practice" days.

We're really getting in gear for the RKC Level II at the end of this month training is going well, I can easily perform what I need to so now it's about maintaining and not doing something stupid to get injured.

The menu today was simple:

3 exercises

5 singles

High tension.

Press and Pull ups:

I did these "super setted", the presses w/ a 32kg and the pullups with a 16kg

Lots of rest, lots of tension. Both endeed up being easier than I thought, I could have done more but decided to quit while ahead.

Next, Pistol w/ a 24kg. These started off a little shaky but tightened right up once I got back in my groove.

So, there you have nothing too exciting today.

Tomorrow will bring a good hard Met-Con day. Too humid to snatch so lots of high pulls!!