Saturday, February 16, 2008

Much Better

OK, after a not so good showing the other day, todays training totally made up for it.

After moving stuff (3 trailer loads...I have no idea where we got so much crap) I wasn't too sure how this session would go.

I set my goals high, I know what I needed to, and this time I wasn't going to let that little timer get the best of me.

So, with the GymBoss timer set at 5 seconds, after a quick round of joint mobility, I set out on snatch set.

It was a rough set, My form broke a little at the end just because my forearms were screaming at me.

I performed the usual one hand switch at 78 reps (right hand), a little past half through the set.

I ended with 68 reps on the left hand. Not too shabby.

If you do the math this set was...

12 minutes

I was pretty pumped, unfortunately so were my forearms.

After prying my hands back open and I moved on the the next movement.

I haven't clean and jerks in a while, and I needed a press for today so I thought, why not.

Usinga 24kg bell I banded out the following.

10/10, 5/5, 7/7, 6/6, 8/8

It was tough, I had a had time gripping the bell and "getting the bell where I wanted it" on the down swing.

The Jerks were strong and easier than with the 16 kg I have been using. It seemed easier to "push myself under", but I haven't used the 24kg for a timed set we'll see how it goes.

Finished with some 2 arms swings, again with the 24kg, 3 quick set of 20,15,15

I spent about 10 minutes or so fooling around on the pull up bar with front and back lever stuff. I managed to get one leg straight on a front lever for about 2 seconds.

Pretty happy with that session, hard and fun all in one.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

1 For Every 3

Lasts night training was "so-so".

It was time for more timed snatch sets and after completing 10 minutes at 15RPM, I thought the next logical progression would be to back down to 8 minutes and up the pace to 20RPM which would be one rep every three seconds.


That is fast.

It felt like I was always playing catch up with the timer.

I broke me mentally because I couldn't catch up to he beeps.

I ended up with a somewhat poor performance, but it was a learning experience.

60 reps on the right and only 42 on the left.

I should have sucked it up on the right hand, grip was good...but that damn timer kept beeping.

So, I'll take it back down to 6 minutes for a few more sessions @ the 20RPM. Fitness isn't the issue here, it takes about 3 seconds to hear the beep and respond with another rep. I think after a few sessions it'll be easier to get a rhythm.

It was odd because it I am used to waiting for the beep, the difference between 4 and 3 seconds was amazing.

For the other snatch session I'll back it down to 15RPM and push for longer sets up to 14 minutes.

I moved onto deadlifts and and pulled 5x3 @ 225, felt good very easy.

Finished with one arm swings w. a 24kg 3 right and 3 left on the top of every minute. This will build over the next couple of weeks. This too was extremely easy.

Over all not bad, just wish the snatches would have gone better...Next time.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"If you can sit, you can get fit"

You've got to be kidding me!

Saw this on a forum I just happened to visit today.



Come on.

No, Really?

Time to slow down and regroup

In the past week I have decided to cut down on the number things I try to improve at one time. It seems every once in a while I get on a kick and have too many goals.

Now I'm all for setting goals, but I think a trap that many people fall into is they want to do so many things NOW.

So, they train hard but they don't progress at all, and despite all their efforts their level of fitness stay static.

I fell into that trap.

Now I'll dig out.

I am going to stick with a few basic moves and program around them.

I need to pick movements that require only the few pieces of equipment that will the be left at our house.

Slowly but surely, our resources are being whittled away.

With our house going to market within a week we can't have a gym in our basement. I have read lots of stories about people building great strength with nothing more than hard work and a limited number of pieces of equipment. And that is now our plan.

So here's list of what I'm going to keep:

3 Kettlebells. the standard set of 1@16kg, 1@24kg and 1@32kg

Our pull up bar can stay. W/Rings

A 7ft bar with 4 45lb plates.

Everything else is going to storage and will be on a truck in a couple of weeks for the first trip of "crap" going to Texas.

We were planning on training specificaly for the TSC, but the few few weeks are so screwed up with trying to move, or maybe even moving depending on the rate at which our house sells, we really have no idea where we will be!

Depending on where we are the closest TSC will be 5-6 hr away. Either at Brad Nelson's Kinetic Edge (Woodbury, MN) or Jason Marshall and Allen Martin's Lonestar Kettlebells (Lubbock, TX) are options if we choose to compete just for fun.

In addition to "thinning the herd" in term of equipment, I plan to do the same with the movements.



Presses/push presses/jerks.

Pull ups.

These are the new staples along with a few bodyweight exercises such as pistols.

That's it. Back to basics.

Friday, February 8, 2008

More Timed Sets

Last night while waiting for my class to show up I thought I'd kill some time and get my training in.

Warmed up:
Overhead Sqt w/PVC
Shoulder Dislocates w/PWR


10 minutes @ 15RPM (1 rep every 4 secs): These were tough but not ridiculously hard. Grip was good with the exception of the last 5-8 rep on each side. I had no chalk but managed. I ended with 75 on each arm.

With out my GymBoss Timer this would be tough, I love the way it keeps my cadence and counts my reps. All I have to think about is getting the bell up.

I moved to Jerks next, one arm, with a 16kg bell. Didn't know what to expect and wasn't out to break any records. I was mainly concentrating on trying to connect my hip and elbow in the rack position, this greatly aids in, not only supporting the bell but also transferring energy from the hips to get the bell moving up.

I did one set for 4 minutes at 5RPM, this makes for a long hold in the hold and this is where I really started to feel it.

So, I got a whopping 20 reps, 10 each arm and switched hands at 2 minutes

1 set of one arm swings 30/30


3 sets of 2 arm swings for 30 reps each.

That's it, wasn't too tough but I should be able to really start pushing the numbers up soon.

I didn't want to but I may have to add some sets with the 24kg, I know I can hit them easily but I want to set my brain at ease and hit the RKC snatch numbers for the cert. in April.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Our last Kettlebell Workshop EVER!!

Yep, you read that correctly!

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So for all of you guys who have been on the fence in the past...


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In Strength,


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

14 inches and a Press PR

So, with the weather forecast calling for anywhere between 8 and 14 inches of snow tonight, Kori and I headed down into the basement for another training session.

With our impending move to the Lone Star State little by little our basement is starting to look, well, like a basement and less like a gym.

Piece by piece our equipment is leaving for the storage unit.

Tonight the squat stands left, as did one of the sit up benches and the dip stand.

No problem, we'll improvise.

It means the squat groove I was working on will be put on hold, but I'll manage.

Tuesdays are now a day dedicated to (relatively) heavy loading, low reps and creating tension.

Sumo Deadlifts started out the session.

For the past few years I have pulled conventional.


Because I could pull more and it was a great ego stroke.

Well, no more. Take a quote from Brad Nelson, "I must do what I hate." Meaning, it'll hurt my ego a little, using lighter loads, but in the end I'll be better off.

One thing that may be a benefit, if I can groove the sumo DL I may be able to pull more due to the fact...I'm short, and the decrease in the distance the bar has to travel.

So I worked up to 4 sets of 5 reps with a measly 185, I just wanted to feel it out and make sure I could get my ass into the move. By the last set the load felt extremely light and I could tell as soon as the bar broke the ground I had found a nice groove, now let's hope I can find it in the next session.

Next came the PR

36kg KB press for 5 singles R/L, real happy about this. Watch out Bulldog!

Finished with 5x5 Pull ups with bodyweight. I'll start to add some external load in the next session. These have bothered my shoulders in the past and I wanted to feel this out, especially after heavy pressing.

The whole time this was going on Riley, the dog, was walking on the treadmill. It was a PR for him to, normally you have to stand right next to the tread while he's on it, not tonight, he just walked and wagged his tail the whole time. 17 minutes all by himself.

Time for dinner and then the first round of snow blowing.

What's really depressing is, at our house in Texas it was in the 70's the last couple of days...AND NOT SNOWING!


Saturday, February 2, 2008

Just a second faster.

After a full day of working on the house doing misc. piddly jobs, Kori got home from and we headed down stairs to train.

Yesterday left us both sore and Kori worked the usual 12 hr shift, but we ended up having a great session.

Yesterday in case you're wondering we did a quick Swing and Pull Up session a la CF


Swings w/24kg followed by pull up, no rest until after the last 3 pull ups, well that is if you could help it.

I finished in just over 17 minutes..the pull ups kill me and my grip was shit after the first set of 21.

Anyway, today we focused on snatch work.

Going the full ten minutes in my last session of snatches has really boosted my confidence with this move.

I was sort of unsure where to progress to, so I asked those who know more than I and the consensus was to start to go faster but not to drop below eight minutes if possible.

So, that was the goal.

8 minutes

15 RPM or one snatch every 4 secs.

Basically what this did was condense the same amount of work into 2 less minutes. I still hit 120 reps, but I ended up doing three more per minute.

Not a huge increase, but another step in the right direction.

I switched hands at the half-way point again so I ended up with 60reps both right and left.

Then I moved on to some jerk practice....That was another story.

Need a lot of practice.


Friday, February 1, 2008

Chalk up another one

Last nights training was good. Nothing Earth shattering, just one step closer.

I started off with back squat for 5x5 @ 135, 185, 205, 225, 235

I didn't move anything too heavy, but then again, I wasn't trying to. I'm just trying to build back up and re-groove the move after a looooooong lay off from the barbell squat.

Heavy swings w/ 40kg 6 sets of 5 reps. These felt good, crisp, everything was tight and I felt like I had a good number of reps left in the tank. But, again, it's all about building.


I was pleasantly surprised.

3 sets of 1 @ 36kg, they were a little shaky at first but they went up.

I can see I'm clearly on my way back to pressing the 40kg Bulldog.

By the end of the session I felt "dammage" of the 10 minute sets from a couple of nights ago. My forearms were done.

I don't think I'll hit another timed snatch set until Saturday, tonight will be a random CF WOD with a met-con focus. Now that I know for sure I'll be assisting again at the April RKC, I need to get my weight down a little and my wind wind up...just a tad.