Friday, October 31, 2008

Quick Kettlebell Training Update

I haven't logged my training in a long time.

We've had a ton to things going on, and although I have got all (or most) of my training in.

I have been working on getting to the ten minute mark in my Long Cycle Clean and Jerk. I had stalled and realized, like always I tried to push too hard, too long and was spinning my wheels.


I backed off to one bell and back down to the 16kg bells.

This helped a lot.

I have been able to train more often and longer.

I also stopped thinking about how long I had to go for and started to think about each each as it's own entity.

That last tactic helped the most. Stop thinking about how much time is left or how many reps you have done. Just concentrated on the next rep and complete it as perfect as possible.

The result?

Multiple sets that have been ten minutes, with one hand switch at 5 rpm.

Now I know what you're saying...that's only 50 reps.

In all honesty the rep is the easy part. Holding the bell and waiting for the next one is the hard part.

So, I'll keep pushing the pace up and slowly add in some double work.

Snatches have gone well.

Call me a pus if you want, but I trade off between the 12kg and the 16kg bells.

8 minutes with the 16 is no problem.

10-12 minutes with the 12kg is pretty solid.

Just pushing the pace until I can get to 100 each hand with the 16kg bell.

There you have it.

More to come.