Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Who thought 14oz could be that heavy...

Well last night I returned to one of my favorite past times, Muay Thai.

I have taken short hiatus from it due to business and other commitments. As may of you know Kori and have been working on IMPACT fitness, LLC up and running and taking our fitness coaching biz from a side project to our full time income. This has eating a lot of time, all worth it. Who knows if all goes as planned I can get my Muay Thai training in private lessons.

But anyway.

My 14oz gloves have never been so heavy. Three rounds on the pads, 3 on the mitts, and 6 on the bag did me in. My conditioning was fine, thanks to the KB training. But the local muscular endurance in regards to the specific skills like, the ever important, keeping your hands up killed me. Couple that with the Ketogenic Diet I have been following and it get tough pretty early in the round, more on the diet in another post.

So I'll just have to practice. It should come back pretty quickly.

I was hoping to get some sparring in, but it was a small session. One other girl and a beginner. There are two girls I'll spar, my wife (no I'm not kidding) and a young lady named Vanessa. Both are not afraid to hit you or get hit by you.

Tonight's workout will include, you guessed it...Ladders.

I'll admit, I have thought of scrapping this because the thought of pressing the 16kg is rough on the ego. But, this is something I have, no, need to follow this through for the health of my shoulders.

I'll be purchasing Brett Jones' and Grey Cook's new shoulder health DVD later today. Brett was my Senior Instructor when I went through the RKC. He worked out some nasty knots and worked some trigger point stuff on my upper back and it was amazing, so I'm hoping some of that is n the DVD. I'll post a review of it after watching.

So my pressing ladders for the day are pretty straight forward.

4 sets of 1,2 w/ pull ups in between
Dead lift 5x5 @ 135, yeah it's light but I need to find my groove before bumping this up
20 minutes of swings with the 16kg w/ Jump rope for active recovery.

Going with the lighter bell for my conditioning has made all the difference in my quest for leanness.

Thanks for reading...



Christine Petty said...

Muy Thai scares the beejezus out of me... good luck!

BJ Bliffert said...

It's not that bad Christine. Kori did it for two years.

Once you get over the shock of getting hit, you do fine.

Our gym is great too. It's not a bunch of bad asses tryingto kick the crap out of each other. We are they to learn the art and become eficient at it.

Yeah we get, and hit each other, but first and formost we learn and teach, and help each other get better.

Mark Reifkind said...

bj,have you tried the stick presses I described on my blog? they have been magic for my badly injured and easily impinged shoulder. give them a try.

BJ Bliffert said...

Yes, I have and I like it a lot. The "stick up" drill against a wall works very well too.