Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Slow but steady ...

For those who haven't heard we are going to be hosting a TSC this September. I figure if we are going to host it, I might as well "compete". Kori too.

Although my scores will pale in comparison to some of the mutants out there, I figure "What the hell".

Since the deadlift in one of the events I have started pulling again and originally started with a similar ladder type structure found in "Enter the Kettlebell" but volume got to be too much. Since then I have switched to a straight "Power to the People" and it seems to be working much better, and I'm fresher for my pressing and pull ups, which are my main concern, specifically pull ups.

I had thought for a while my deadlift had been indirectly helping my pull ups because of the strength and stability it builds in the shouder retractors. After viewing Brett Jones' and Gray Cook's, "Secrets of the Shoulder" DVD my thoughts were confirmed. This is a great DVD, by the way. If you have some shoudler issues, or, for you trainers, have a client with one...GET THIS DVD.

One lesson that is finally sinking in is, Results take time.

The numbers I pulled in college and the rate at which they increased can't be duplicated now. I just don't recover as quickly. Plus I'm about 60 pounds lighter!

So although I'd love to add more volume, I need to pick and choose which lifts get the added volume.

I'd love to get that 500 pound pull again, I'll settle for 400 pounds with pain free shoulders and a better pull up number. I pulled a 375 last Saturday, so a near 400 by September 8 should be do-able.

I can't improve evey lift all the time anymore.

I'll continue to pull, but I don't plan on shooting for that PR until my pull ups are respectable. To me respectable would be a set of 5, dead hang, with a 24kg bell.

This, I feel will just about resolve the strength imbalance between the front and rear of my shoulder girdle and my shoulders will live happily ever after, with some maintainance of course.

Like the Tortuse, I just keep pluggin along.

Just an FYI, Our next Kettlebell Workshop will be on August 4th, I know some of you are on the fence, but check out the link and read the testimonials of those who have already participated.

Click here: Kettlebell Workshop

Kettlebell Classes are in full swing (wow, what a bad pun) check this link:

Kettlebell Classes

And Boot Camps start on july 23rd, here's the link:

IMPACT Fitness Boot Camps

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Mark Reifkind said...

BJ I have found it's really hard to 'jump in' and try to get super strong super fast. it's a long slow process, at its best!
But, reclaiming past lifts done before is infinitely easier than doing them in the firs place, even at ligher bodyweight.
especially for lifts like the dl that are not so related to mass.
its mainly neurological strength and nothing helps that more than knowing you have already lifted that weight.
slow and steady consistent progressions is the key.whether or not that corresponds to the tsc is another matter.
sounds like you are on the right path.