Thursday, March 13, 2008

The AED, WD, IF and some DBL KBs

Wednesday was good. Good training, good food.

Here's a synopsis of what seems to be a typical day.

I typically wake at 6PM. We haven't done any early morning Boot Camps for a while so the extra sleep has been nice.

Upon waking, as laid out in the Anti-Estrogenic Diet (AED) I take my Magnesium, Potassium and Pro-biotics.

Typically we would have coffee going, but since our house is on the market we have no appliances on the counter (to make it look like there is more counter space). So lately I have had a serving of AdvoCare Spark. I'm partial to the Fruit Punch and Cherry Flavors.

For some time now I have been playing with the Warrior Diet (WD) and experimenting with Intermittent Fasting (IF). In a sense my body is my laboratory. I have been quite surprised with the changes and also with what hasn't changed.

Anyway, I'm getting off topic and the above may be material for another post.

So, after I shoot down the Spark, minerals and Pro-Biotics I go through pretty much the normal morning stuff, with exception of a typical breakfast.

I think I've gotten pretty good at listening to my body. Some days I'll fast, others I under eat. And still some, I'll eat all day. Depends on the signal I get.

No matter what though, I try to eat whole foods as much as possible. I (we) really don't eat any grain (including corn), breads, pastas or starchy veggies with the occasional exception of Acorn's just too good.

Typically somewhere between 11 and noon, I'll have something. Usually not a meal, but a piece of fruit or some veggies or both. Or maybe a serving of the Spicy Black Bean Soup from the back to the AED.

After this I just kind of cruise through the afternoon.

Wednesday, I actually fasted until about 5:30. I broke my fast with about 6 almonds.

I train between 6-7PM.

Now, technically I should be well with in the Main Meal portion of my day but I have always trained at about this time and it feels why change.

Pre-Training: Always take your Spark!


Joint Mobility
Overhead Squats with PVC
Push Ups
Pull ups

Then my main session starts.

Wednesday was:

Snatches w/16kg 8 minutes @ 15RPM for a total of 60r/60l.

Short rest, then:

15 sets of 3 reps, DBL Clean/Fr Sqt Combo, re-Clean before every Squat. I did these on the top of every second minute. Tomorrow I'll show you how I set my GymBoss for all my intervals.

In between, during the "rest" I did 3 chins with different grips.

And that's it...for training. Now it's time to eat.

The Menu:

1 apple
4 eggs over easy
6 pieces of bacon
1 Flax "muffin" (DBL serving) with Natural Peanut Butter.
about 1/2 cup almonds total

That comes to about 1800 calories.

I'm actually trying to eat more and more during this phase to see if it effects my weight. So far I seem to be getting leaner and the scale seems to be static. Performance seems to be improving.

I could have eaten more here, but I was satisfied. In the WD it states if your satisfied or more thirsty than hungry it's time to stop.

While having dinner with Pavel at the October RKC I witnessed him put away a 1/4 pounder for an appetizer and then a steak for a main course. That has become an unofficial goal for really no reason.

Not sure if this will help anyone, but maybe a few will find it interesting.

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Mike T Nelson said...

Interesting! Keep us updated on your results and thoughts!
Mike N