Monday, March 17, 2008

Hectic Weekend

No training this weekend, I just ran out of time. Lots going on with the house being on the market, more painting on Saturday, and we were kicked out of hte house on Sunday for an open house.

But, I wanted to explain how I set my GymBoss so I'm never surprised when it goes off at the start of the next round.

If you familiar with the GymBoss it has the ability to have two count down timers running in succession.

I set the the first timer for :10 this becomes my buffer to let me know the next round is about to start.

If my workout is swing on the top of minutes, I set the second timer for :50.

I start the timer and I have 10 seconds to get into position. When the second timer sounds I begin my set.

I finish the number of swings need for the set and set the bell down.

The next the timer beeps, I know I have ten seconds before the next set has to start. I can walk back over to the bell (I walk around, do Fast and Loose drills, do various mobility drill between sets) and get ready.

Hope that helps.

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