Friday, May 30, 2008

Back on the grid.

So our first cross country move is in the books.

What an endeavor! And, what a change.

It took three trips, two with trucks and car carriers. The last one my truck pulling a small 5x8 trailer.

I got down here last Thursday, it took me and Riley 17 hours to make the drive. With Riley I had to stop more often than I would have if I were driving alone.

The following week was just unpacking and find a place for everything.

When you move from a house with a basement to a home without one you have to get real creative with where you put things.

We're managing.

We finally have a high speed internet connection up and running so we should be able to get back to posting.

At this point the house is coming together, but there is still a lot to do.

We have the "gym" set up in the garage, which is a change. That's where the training will take place no matter what the weather. So far it's been a good change, it feels good to sweat. But, we'll have had to make some adjustments to what we would normally be doing.

Snatches get tough in the humidity. We have changed to jerks and long cycle and more swings than usual. At Doug's direction I will be changing to LCCJ once a week once it starts to get real humid, and also snatches once a week maybe lowering to the shoulder to save the hands.

Next week I should be meeting with an attorney to file the Articles of Organization for our LLC. I'd do it myself, but since I'm new here and and not familiar with TX business law...yet...I'll a pro to do it for me.

We will be doing business under a new name here, so there will be some changes on our old sites. Some pages will disappear, some will refer to a sister company/site, others will transform into more info based pages and product reviews.

The new sites will be "blog" based, similar to, Doug Chapman's facility in MI, or Mike Stehle's

There is a park right down the street, actually in our development, next to two schools, that if permitted we will explore the possibility of setting up a boot camp to generate some income and then start looking for a space to lease.

So, lots of work to do, living 1/3 the income...this could get interesting.

Maybe I'll start another blog about the start up and (re)building multiple streams of income from scratch.

Stay tuned.

Todays training session was pretty decent:

I did a "skill based warm up"

pull ups BW+16kg 4, 3, 3
bent press 1r/l, 1r/l x 2, 1r/l x3
pistol w/ 24kg 1r/l, 1r/l, 1r/l

Jerks w/ 2 16kg @ 6 RPM 17, 15, 18
Jerks w/ 2 16kg(fast) 24

OALCCJ w/ 24kg 10 minutes, changing hands every minute.

All-and-all not bad. I seem to be having a hard time resting in the rack, something has changed and I have to figure out what.=, because it's starting to bug me.

I'll be getting 2 24kg Competition bells on Tuesday, it'll be a good test to see if what I learned at Doug's has stuck, the heavier bells my just fix my rack too. The heavier bells should force my elbows to my hips.

The OALCCJs were tough but do-able. I just didn't feel like swings today so I thought this would be a good alternative.

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