Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Kettlebell Updates

Well, this last week has been fun.

I set a couple good PRs and even cut those sets short.

I decided that since I'm just can't get over the Girevoy Sport bug I should get some more coaching and take the step to become a coach in case the opportunity to coach a young athlete presents itself I'll be prepared to do so.

So I flew to Cincinnati, northern Kentucky actually, but it doesn't really matter.

Over the course of the weekend got put through the paces learned some good tips and coaching cues and emerged a coach.

OK, well not really, at least in my eyes. It'll take lots of experience and a good number of mistakes before anyone will and should, call me coach.

Over the course of the weekend I hit a couple of Kettlebell Jerk PRs.

With 2-24kg bells I hit 22 reps and had about three left in the tank.

With 2-32kg bells I hit 12 reps with about 2 left.

I realize the numbers aren't spectacular, but at a body weight of only 165 they served to motivate me to push toward getting ranked.

The biggest thing I learned was to keep my cool and not panic under load and take one rep at a time. It isn't nearly as bad and it keeps the quality of the reps higher.

I'll try to get some video later this week. I have taken it easy for the last couple of days, I really felt worn out upon waking Monday. Flying when you're sore is no fun.


P. J. said...

Nice!! You'll be getting you rank in no time. Plus it's always nice to have a few more letters after your name. How's the horseshoe progress coming?

BJ Bliffert said...

Thanks P.J.

That damn horse shoe is giving me fits, I thought I felt it move the other day...but it didn't.

I'll keep working on it.

FYI, we sent the sample in. Also after one week Kori re-did the iodine test, it was gone in 2 hours so she increased to two tabs.

P. J. said...

I've run into a snag on my shoe progression also. If a shoe gets cold after you start a bend it can be very difficult to get moving again. I know the feeling of thinking it moved, I guess it is the leather giving in to the pressure.
I'll be in touch once the results come in. Takes about 10-14 days once mailed.

Jordan Vezina said...

Good work with the cert. I too am not a believer in the 'coach' designation being handed out so easily.
Man, those freaking horseshoes are sending me into fits as well. Adam Glass sent me a couple slowed down vids of him bending some shoes that are helping in getting my technique together. I know it's just a matter of a certain turn or something. We'll see.