Monday, April 28, 2014

One week until Russia

So, it's been a very long time since I've updated this blog.  I have attempted to other other platforms but was not very consistent, maybe this time's the charm.

On Friday (May 2, 2014) I take my second trip to St Petersburg, Russia to train with many of the members of the Russian national Girevoy Sport Team.

Since the last update, Kori and I have took a trip to Russia and it was amazing.  I have been waiting for a time when all things would align again and I could go seems they have.

I'll be there of about 11 days training, training some more, watching a competition and even competing myself.  I'm most excited about training face to face with my Coach, 5 time world champion Denis Vasiliev.

I plan to train with him at least once per day and hopefully make up for a terrible performance this last February in California.

In preparation, I'm not leaving anything to guesswork anything.  I knew going into California my cardio was not where it had been in the past and needed to be improved.  So I have increase the amount of base building cardio in my training.

This is already paying dividends in many ways.

Here's my training from Sunday, April 27th just to give you an idea.  I have slowly worked the volume back up, so don't think I started with this insane volume and intervals.

15' warm up @150bpm or below
10' work interval @ 165bpm
10' rest interval @ 150bpm or below
10' work interval @ 170-175bpm
10' rest interval @ 150bpm or below
10' work interval @ 175+ (topped out at 195, about this time a big blue F-250 drove by me..)
15' cool down, just tried to get HR back down
5' walk
Felt good other than the sweat burning my eyes.
Monday is my rest day and I'll need it.
I use the Polar RS300x for all my training, it's simple and gives me all the data I need.
From Here on I'll work back a months and fill in some gaps and keep the content coming, hopefully it'll help some people move forward in the sport of kettlebell lifting.  I got my Heart Rate monitor from Amazon, it's the easiest place I have found to order them.

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