Sunday, May 27, 2007

Checking the ego, my road to re-building my pressing power.

I have been battling an injured shoulder for a long while now. Overuse and huge amount of punching we do in Muay Thai can take its toll I you don't do enough compensatory work. So in an effort to rehab it and get back to pressing the Bulldog, I decide to check my ego and start form scratch.

I have told my myself I was going to do this for a while. But, even the thought of pressing the same bell as my wife made my testosterone levels plummet to prepubescent levels.

I haven't been doing a lot of strength work lately, the shoulder being the main reason. I seem the maintain strength very well just by doing basic ballistic Kettlebell exercises like swings, snatches and cleans plus their variations. But, there's something about having the Bulldog, and someday the Beast overhead.

So in sticking with my "even the coach needs a coach" theory" of the summer I decided to knock the weight back down to the 16kg bell and start ladders ETK style and slowly build back and re-groove my pressing. I plan to hit these twice a week, and still do to conditioning workouts per week as well. I will do the heavy day an the light day (this refers to volume, not load) and do pull ups with body weight. Pull ups are my worst lift, by adding them my goal is to even out the strength imbalances around the shoulder joint.

Once I complete this "cycle" I'll repeat it with the 20kg and so on.

So he's what Saturday's training looked like.


Since I have stated a specific goal, these sessions are no longer workouts.....THEY ARE TRAINING SESSION.

Quick 'warm up" ( I hate the term)
Intu-Flow beginner joint mobility
foam rolling: quads, rhomboids, IT band, piriformis and calves
low squat practice for a couple of reps

between each set I took 1 minute rest (I change this from the ETK format, I stay 'fresher" and therefore stronger)

Clean & Press (C&P) 1 R,L
Pull Up 1
C&P 2 R,L
Pull Up 2
C&P 3
Pull Ups 3
Repeat the ladder 3 times

2 arm swings with 32kg bell 5 sets of 10 reps

All and all, I felt satisfied. Not a 'knock your socks off, balls to the wall' session, but a starting point.

Thanks for reading, now go train!

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