Sunday, May 27, 2007

Everything David said it would be....

One of my favorite conditioning formats is David Whitley's Brutal Minimalist Fitness routine.

It's pretty basic and can be easily changed fo your level of fitness. I decided to it as David wrote it toady, less the TGUs.

I had meant to time it, but after my prep I was so ready to go I forgot to start the clock.

If you only have 15 or so minutes, this is for you.

50 2 Arm Swings w/16kg
10 Hindu Squats
40 2 Arm Swings
20 Hindu Squats
30 2 Arm Swings
30 Hindu Squats
20 2 Arms Swings
40 Hindu Squats
10 2 Arm Swings
50 Hindu Squats

and that's a wrap! Don't let the simplicity fool you.

Thanks for reading, now go train!



Iron Tamer said...

So how's that workin' for ya?

BJ Bliffert said...

I love it! I started doing sessions like this after the April RKC.

When you counted my snatches during the set up for the cert, I weighed 172. I'm tipping the scales at a mighty 161 right now.

I'm hoping for 155 by the 4th of July.