Monday, June 25, 2007

Goal Check and a small "diet" rant

Well, sorry it's been a while since my last blog but I have had little downtime...which is a good problem to have...I guess.

Way back in my blog archives I stated I had a goal to get to 10% Body Fat. I have tried to get here before but always got sidetracked. Not this year.

I made it this year. Since January 1st I'm down about 20 lbs and walking around at 165ish. Strength is still up, conditioning is great (which is more of a concern), but I feel I could be leaner.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to make it sound like I want to be shredded. Just lean. I am opting for a 'modified' Warrior Diet eating plan and that seems to be going well, although fat will not come of as fast it did with the Ketogenic Diet. But, on the latter, performance suffered. Muay Thai was not happenin'.

I'll let you in a little secret while we're talking about 'diets' (I hate that word, by the way).

They all work.

Yep. That's right all of them. They all work. (yes, some better than others for specific goals, but I'm talking in general here)

The problem most people have has nothing to with learning what they should do or eat while on the diet.

It has everything to do with being complient to the guidelines the diet sets forth.

I don't want to get into too many specifics, but I challenge you to pick an eating plan (a better term than diet) and follow it the way it is written. I bet it will perfrom pretty close to the way the author claims.

The problem, like I said, comes in when people try to make it their own.

They start substituting foods, meals times, exercises. Or they don't change their social habbits and still hit the bars on Friday night. Once you do this, you are no longer doing that plan, now you're guessing and hoping you will still get the the results promised.

Know what?

You won't.

It's like me giving you a map to Milwaukee. I tell you to stay on I94 the whole way.

You think going to Milwaukee sounds great, after all Summerfest (Google it) starts Thursday.

But you don't like driving on I94 so you change the route.

Will you get to the lakefront?

Maybe. But, how long will it take you?

My map gets you there from my house in 20 minutes.

Get what I'm saying?

What's that? You can't decide on an eating plan?

I'll decide on one for you!

The first type of eating plan we recommend to all of out clients is Dr. John Berardi's Precision Nutrition. It's simple, easy to follow and has a healthy dose of just plain, good old common sense. Eat your veggies, watch the starches, that kind of thing.

It's easy to modify to your needs, and really doesn't restrict you the way you'd expect while on a "diet". Diet is a horrible word for this, it's more of an eating plan or a lifestyle change. It does take some work and some planning. But the dividends it pays are great.

So, why don't I use it?

Well, I have, and I still base my food choice one his recommendations. But, I also like to use myself as a guinea pig, rather than my clients. I try to use a number of different stragies for extended periods, if I find something that may be of use to my clients I pass it on. I plan ot go back to Precision Nutrition after this stint of Warrior Dieting.

While I said all diets work, be wise when choosing one. I should have written all diets work for their target audience. If you're an athlete, a low carb Ketogenic diet is not for you. If you're a Tri-athlete, don't choose a plan targeted at a body builder. Make sense?

Click on the diet titles to learn more, both about the Warrior Diet and Precision Nutrition.

+++++++++++++ONE LAST NOTE++++++++++

Please donate to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. We are off to a slow start this year collection-wise for our 150 charity mile bike tour, The Scenic Shore 150, but I know we can hit our goal of $500.

If you have PayPal you can send your donations to I'll have a summery of how much we raise before we set off on the ride on July 21.

Thanks in advance for your donation.

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Mark Reifkind said...

one thing to remember BJ, is that whe performance levels are the goal( 10 % bf,etc) then one has to do what works, not necessarily what SHOULD work.
theories are great but the bottom line is the bottom line. Many a time I have found ways to a goal that made no sense in a standard way- but it worked.
there are so many other variables at play that we are not aware of that sometimes deveoping the instinct is the best way to go.
good post.