Thursday, June 14, 2007

Short and Sweet

No frills workout today. I really want to gt my Muay Thai skills back up to par, so I'l be integrating more skill work throughout the weeks ahead.

Today went like this:

5 x 2 minutes jump rope
3 x 2 minutes on the double end bag
5 x 2 minutes on the heavy bag. I woorked very basic skills. I have never felt I had a good jab so I threw in a lot of extras. 3 punch combos on the last two rounds only. First three were single punches, either jab or cross.

2x10 snatches w/ 24kg just to test the shoulder, felt good but not great great.
1x15 R/L swings w/24
3x15 two arm swing w/24

nothing fancy.
This past weekend I switched from following a Ketogenic Diet back to more of a Warrior Diet style of eating. I felt I was getting too low in weight and my performance showed it my first day back at Muay Thai last week.

The change has been smooth, I'm up 4 pounds, likely water and glycogen. My performance is noticably better. I also really like the freedom the Warrior Diet allows me to have. I don't have the most hectic schedule, but with this eating style I can focus on a project and not be interupted by a feeding. I'm ordering Ori Hofmekler's new book also, jsut to see what similarities there are, or differences for that matter.

I also have added AdvoCare's Fruit and Vegatable Formula to my supplement regime. I felt I wasn't eating enough veggies so this should do the trick.

If you're interested in the Warrior Diet, I believe the next addition isn't due out until Decmeber 4, 2007, but you can pre-order it at pretty sweet deal. I'll put the amazon link below. Ori's new book The Anti-Estrogen Diet Is available now, I'm just wating for it to be delivered.

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