Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I was floored when I saw this...

Funny thing happened today.

I was going to post about the e-mail Kori got with a bunch of old cigarette ads from the 1950s.

Well a fellow fitness coach beat me to it, appearently him and Kori get the same e-mails.

So, I'll post it anyway just becuase it may be of interest for some of you. And while I gave me a little chuckle, I was a little disturbed too.

Here's the first on:

Here's the second:


While we know about sides effects of smoking now, are you familar with the sides effect of kettlebell training?

Kettlebells, side effects include:
1. Lose of Fat
2. increased stamina
3. improved muscle tone and strength
4. may experience uncontrollable amounts of fun while exercising
5. many comments from friends regarding your new body
6. lying in a pool of your own sweat and feeling content

While I realize these side effects may be too much for some, but the like other things that are highly addictive, once you get hooked it'll be hard to quit.

Find out more by attending our next Kettlebell Workshop on August 4th. Just click the link to learn more. See you there, and no, there will be no smoke breaks.

'til later


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Royce said...

2 more important side effects of kettlebells people should be aware of.
1) increased mental toughness that has a tendancy to manifest itself under stressfull situations.
2) completely unsolictied compliments from the opposite sex.