Monday, July 23, 2007

And....We're Back

First of all, thanks to everyone who doanted to our ride. We really appreciate it, hopefully some of you will join us next year!

So, some how I managed to retrieve my camera out of my back jersey pocket, take a picture, put the camera back, while riding and not fall off my bike.

The ride started in Mequon (meck-kwan) which is about 10 miles north of Milwaukee, and ended in Sturgeon Bay, abotu 40 miles north of Green Bay. It's a great ride. We didn't break any records, speed-wise, but we had a blast.

Here are some picutres, I was told there were 800 riders.

Above is the registration. It's always nuts!

Here's a good shot of the Lake Michigan. For those of you not from WI, yes this is a lake and no you can't see the other side. Many people not from here don't realize how big this lake is.

Just thought is was a cool shot.

The road leading Sheboygen, lunch is coming up!

Lunch on Day 1

Finish of Day 1. I was just happy to be done. We showered, ate, and fell asleep at 4:30PM. Woke up at 8, went back to bed at 8:30, slept 'til 6 AM.

Some poeple camp on the bluff in Manitowoc, it's a pretty sweet view.

Now some shots from the second day. I thought about getting some shots of Point Beach. But on second thought, I didn't think taking pictures of the a Nuclear Plant would be a good idead.

Leaving on Day 2

Sunflowers on the bluff, if I were taller you'd be able to see the lake in the background better.

The end of Day 2.

Like I said we had a blast. Day one took about 5-1/2 hours and day 2 only took 4-1/2 hours. For some reason day 2 we were averaging 18 miles per hour.

Pretty good for only getting on our bikes 2 times before. I really think the cyclical nature of doing hundreds and hundreds of kettlebell swings made all the difference.

Well, I hoe the pics convince a few of you to join us next year, you wont regret it.

'til next time.


Royce said...

Amazing pics, looks like so much fun. Thanks so much for sharing them.

I used to mountain bike some, and man do I wish I knew about KBs back then. I would have just ridden singletrack when I had the opportunity to ride and left the endurance to swings.

Mark Reifkind said...

great photos bj, looks like a blast.