Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Nothing too exciting, but feeling much strogner. I have really found my groove for the Deadlift.

Monday I started with some complexes with and empty bar. Oddly I felt a pump everywhere. This is not something I shoot for, because I don't believe it has any thing to do with actually making progress. I'll chalk the pump up to a good weekend carb up.

Complex = 5 RDL -> 5 Bent over rows -> 5 Hang Cleans -> 5 Hang Snatches -> 5 overhead squats. Repeat 3x.

My hips still felt tight so I did the following. Loop an Iron Woody band around a basement column. Hold the band and perform a deep squat. The band will act to help you balance, and stay upright, and allow to pry/find space in the hips while in the deep squat position by shifting your weight back and forth. This is the same as someone hold your hands while your in the deep squat, but obviously doesn't require a partner.

That did the trick so I moved on.

Deadlift 155x5, 205x3, 300x4x6sets

Snatches 32kg x 4 r/l 45secs rest 10 sets

Felt very strong, finished up with some more mobility work.

That's it.

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