Thursday, October 25, 2007

Get Pain Free

This is my good friend Steve Wittemann.

Steve has helped me out a ton in the past.

You see Steve has magic in his hands.

No, really. It's magic.

Hip flexor injury/strain...go see Steve.

Shoulder injury after some stupid human trick, or just the regain some ROM after umpteen shoulder dislocations (I stopped counting after about 10 and after I learned how to out in back in the socket, I stopped going to the Dr. when it happened).

Steve's magic isn't some kind of voodoo.

His magic is ART.

While it may be somewhat uncomfortable while your getting treated...It's worth it to be 80-90% pain free in about 15 minutes.

How is this type of thing for, you ask?

Well, while Steve is an Athletic Trainer, he does work with a lot of athletes.

But, believe it or not, he treats even more regular, everyday, Joe Publics then you would think of.

Do you have neck strain from bad posture and being stuck at a cubicle all day?

Then you need an appointment with Steve.

Maybe you work on the line at Harley, performing repetitive movements day in and day out.

Then you need to see Steve.

Carpel Tunnel?

Go see Steve.

So, I think you get the picture.

I should mention too...

Steve used Kettlebells this year to shave 45 minutes off his Half Ironman time.

Yeah, that's just plain nuts.

He also has completed the full Ironman distance on multiple occasions. He's just machine.

For Steve's contact info E-mail me at

Be sure to put "ART info" in the subject line.



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