Thursday, October 25, 2007

Deadlift and Bent Press

Two of my favorite strength moves.

While some will argue the Kettlebell Bent Press is nothing more than a party trick, I love the way it forces me to keep constant tension in my lats. Until I build my pull up bar this weekend, since we moved our gym to the garage this will serve as a substitute.

Deadlifts were strong.

Pulled 225 x 3 reps
265 x 3 reps
315 x 1 rep 3 sets

My groove seems to still be there from the TSC training. I thin I have a decent build for the deadlift though, and I have never had a problem getting my glutes into the lift.

I haven't done Kettlebell Bent Presses in a while so I thought WTH!

Nothing fancy:

24kg x 3 reps R/L for 3 sets

Called it quits after that. Next week will start the begining of our next training cycle, although it's still up in the air as to how I'll program it.

I'd like to get my Deadlift to go up with out training it directly. After being around Geoff Neupert this past weekend, I may bust out the old Adistars and haul the Eleiko's up to the platform in the garage.

It's looking like 3 strength/tension days and 2 conditioning days...but time will tell.

I'm hoping to start to incorporate some video into my blog so stay tuned for that. Hopefully I have some tips that will help some of you out.

'til later,


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