Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Talk about neglect!

Man, this has really gotten away from me!

I have spent the last two weeks re-designing our website, writing content/copy and trying to get a workout in when ever possible.

The beautiful thing about training with a kettlebell.

All I need to do is allot myself 20 minutes or so and I'm golden.

Any combination of swings, snatches push ups and pull ups do me just fine.

This last week though I have been combining all my KB ballistics with burpees or squat thrusts. I realize now that this is my new favorite drill. Squat thrust into a double 32kg KB deadlift. I tried to count reps, but just ended up doing three sets until boarder line nausea.

Since college I enjoy circuits and sessions that lean toward more conditioning than limit strength. Don't get me wrong, lifting heavy stuff is cool, and I do enjoy it. But, I did sooooo much of it back then it just doesn't have the same appeal anymore.

To see what we have been working on check out the skeleton of the new site at www.impact-your-fitness.com

Be gentile, it's only in it's infancy.



Albert Suckow said...

Any progress on the videos from the TSC?

BJ Bliffert said...

I'm working on getting them of the camera. I didn't realize this, but my computer had no Firewire port, and th camera will not let me import video through USB.

I apologize for the delay but it shouldn't be much longer, I having a new desk top built so I don't run into this in th future.

How's you training going?