Monday, September 17, 2007

Saturday's GPP Workout was a blast

Saturday after noon Kori and I worked in the back yard.

The tools:

One 16lb and one 10lb sledges
One 32kg and one 16kg kettlebell
One sled and a 25lb plate

Our format went like this

Sledge swings (onto a tire) 1 minute
rest 1 minute
2 Hand swings 1minute
rest 1 minute

(while I used the sledge, Kori did swings)

repeat 5 times


Backward sled drags the length on the back yard using the DD handle
return by taking 2 steps then row, 2 steps then row ( this is killer)

we did this 5 times, alternating me the Kori. I added a 25lb plate, Kori used just the sled, which weighs 48lbs by itself. And on grass it feels a whole lot heavier.

Lastly, hand over hand pulls with the sled

I attached the long rope to he sled, ran to the other end of the yard and then pulled the sled to me in hand ove hand fashion. Once the sled got to me I sprinted back to the start and did it again. Once the sled was back, it was Kori's turn. We did this 2 x each.

We were pretty fried, but it was a lot of fun!


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Franz Snideman said...

Gotta love the sledge hammer and the sled! Great to see you using them!

Nice training!