Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bodyweight only.

Because of Holiday Travel we are going to be "forced" to use only body weight resistance exercises until December 29th.

Some people would go nuts with the thought of this. The thoughts of atrophy, strength loss and decreasing snatch numbers would plague their minds.

Personally, I like high rep bodyweight (BW) workouts. They are a good change of pace and if all goes well I may even drop a couple of pounds. It will be nice to train outside if we choose as well.

We will be in Plano for a week. I plan to go for a couple good runs, lots of stretching and then the BW workouts.

Push up and squat variations will be the foundation and if I can a tree that will hold me, lots of pull ups.

I have a pair of PVC paralettes that I can break down so I will still be able to practice my Planche progressions, and maybe some L-sit practice.

All-in-all it will be a good little rest from the heavier weight and higher intensity stuff I have been doing as of late. Just a little rest and recovery.

I have ordered some grass fed Bison to be delivered to my mother-in-law's for some good grilling. I'll post a link to the site later. The quality is fantastic and they ship it frozen to your door in 2 days. Also, organic free range chicken's and turkeys are available. Yum.

If you have never had Bison, you don't know what your missing! check it out, the New York Strips Rock!!!!

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