Monday, December 17, 2007


Sunday was interesting.

See our kitchen sink had been clogged since Thursday. My Dad and I replaced everything under the sink and snaked the hell out of the pipes. We ran the snake all the way to the clean out to make sure it was clear, or so we thought.

We closed everything up turned on the water, and the sink filled up like we had done nothing.

This was Saturday.

Sunday, in come the big guns.

Armed with the Milwaukee Tools Sawzall, my dad cut the old galvanized piped right where it came through the floor. The plan was to install a rubber boot, new PVC and clean out and boot it back the existing plumbing just above where this pipe would join with the "main".

The Sawzall made quick work of the pipe.

Upon removing the whole section of the pipe, we got the Mag light and inspected the pipe where it came through the floor only to see it caked solid with "stuff".

It seems, even though the snake cam down to the clean out, we were merely pushing through the sludge. As we pulled it back the sludge whole closed, much like the android in Terminator II.

Anyway, my dad has this great idea. Obviously we need to clean the grime out of the section of pipe we are not replacing.

Armed with a wire coat hanger and the business end of the shop vac my dad starts to "clean' out the pipes. You can see where this is going.

So, it appears to be working really well, think of a Play-Doh Fun Factory, thats what was like. The sludge came out solid, as though someone was pressing the lever on the Fun Factory.

Then it happened.

To call it a shit storm, would be an understatement. The whole thing just let go. the rest of the sludge splattered. My dad got it the worst, I was just hit with a little shrapnel. But man, did it stink.

After that, everything went smooth.

Watched the DVR version of the Packer manhandle the Rams (the DVR version just means I FFwd through all replays and commercials. It only takes an hour to watch then.)

Then a workout.

I did CrossFit's "Angie"

Beat my last time by 11 minutes. But damn those pull ups kill me. Everything else flies by.

Got practice the kip, I can get 5-6 good reps and then it falls apart.

That's it. Just countin' down the days to vacation in TX. Leaving Friday, direct flight via MidWest Airlines. It's a regional carrier based in Milwaukee. If you ever have the chance, spend the extra money. "Two across" leather seating and hot chocolate chip cookies, MMMMMM.

There's a saying in Milwaukee, "If MidWest doesn't fly there, it not worth going."

'Til Later,


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