Sunday, December 2, 2007

The White Blanket Of Death - A Weather Rant

OK, that may be a little extreme.

But, I have had enough.

It's not fun anymore.

We don't do any winter sports.

We don't snowmobile "up north".

All we do is shovel it.

The dog likes it, but if you know our dog....he hits his head...a lot. (It doesn't even phase him. I think he has Homer Simpson Syndrome, 10 points if you know the specifics of that episode.)

It been in the 20s, which is actually a little cold for November/early December.

It hurts even more when your mother-in-law calls and tells you it's 65 in Plano.

But, we'll be in Texas in three weeks. And, we have a list of houses to look at.

IMPACT Fitness, LLC may be getting a facelift and a new home in the "Lonestar State".

Watch out Texas....


Justin said...

Ha! It was about 75 today here in Phoenix. Clouds here are a strange novelty. I think, "is something wrong? I can't see the sun."

For the second year in my life I have escaped the "White Blanked of Death" and it feels gooooood.

I'm not sure how hot that part of Texas is during the summer, but summer in The Valley of the Sun is kind of like winter in WI. It's a strange sort of oppression that you can't seem to escape. Especially when you wake up in the morning at 6 AM and it is 90 degrees already and it hasn't been below 90 for a month.

But that's in the past! Wooo, tomorrow's gonna be 75 and sunny. Again!

BJ Bliffert said...

Is this the elusively Justin Qualler???

Long time no speak. Hope all is well.

Toomey and I were talking about you about a month ago.

the weather for 12-5-07 will be 58, but up to the high seventies by weeks end.

Once we are only "one state away" we'll have to hook for some workshops or something.

Keep in touch.

Justin said...

Yup, it's Justin Qualler. I didn't know my profile didn't include my last name, but assumed you'd figure it out either way.

That's cool you'll be one state away. That'll definitely make workshops possible.

Good luck with the house hunting!


Mark Reifkind said...

damn dude, I feel for you. I cannot imagine living with that again. Move to California and be done with it!

BJ Bliffert said...

Rif, you sound like Pavel.

We told him we were moving to Texas and he said, "No you should move to Cali!"

Cali is nice, I have been there once. The Palm Desert area.

I don't think I could handle the taxes though, I complain about them here, daily!

Mark Reifkind said...

what taxes? lol. c'mon once you've lived here you can't live anywhere else.