Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back in the saddle


My last workout was CrossFit's Cindy.

5 Pullups
10 Push ups
15 Squats

Do this for 20 minutes for as many rounds as possible.

I completed 15 full rounds plus 5 pull ups an 10 push ups of round 16, my goal is to get 20+ during 2008.

This felt great, I have made steady progress since doing this workout every couple of weeks.

The pull ups are what get you, but as I get the kipping technique down, my numbers keeping going up.

Since then I have been on my ass with a cold. I felt it "coming on" on Thursday, but pushed through and paid the price.

Tonight will be my first session back.

On the docket:

timed snatch sets 2 x 6 mins. @ 12RPM w/16kg
one arm swings 5 x Max Reps w/24kg
And finish with some 2 CB Swipes w/10lb

My good friend Rif has been working on his swipe numbers and has motivated me to wipe the dust off my Clubbells and use swipes and Mills as finishers.

And although I have not had the best customer service 'run-ins' w/ Torque Athletic (long story), I am tossing around the idea of getting a 25lb club. We'll see, but I hate giving my money to people who don't stand behind their service or their sub-contractors.


Ron Ipock said...

I haven't read your blog in a while now and I've been missing some good stuff. I have been training as if I were in GS with snatches, jerks, and swings. But I never thought of timing my jerks; I just flail away at them. But once you think about it, of course timing your jerks will be as beneficial as timing your snatches. Why didn't I ever think of it? Oh well, I guess that's why you're the guru and I'm not.

BJ Bliffert said...

The timer is the easiest way I have found to maintain pace. If I don't pace with it I end up going too fast.

Give it a try, start with snatches at 12RPM (1 every 5 secs) and jerks and LC C&J at 5RPM (12 secs).

Don't discouraged if you number go down at first. They will come back fast.

Ron Ipock said...

great advice. With the snatches I have been doing 12rpm (a snatch every 5 seconds). Later this week I am going up to 15rpm (a snatch every 4 seconds).

Those jerks are no joke. I've been jerking 48 kg (a 24 in each hand) and after four minutes I'm pretty much done. It gets difficult to move your diaphragm for air with 48 kg sitting on your chest.

BJ Bliffert said...

Pay attention to your rack, try to get your elbows to your iliac crests. This will help support the weight in between reps and with breathing.

It also "connects" your hips to your forearms. I find I get better power transfer to the bells from the first dip. It's feels as is the force travels right from my feet up through my forearms to the bells.

You may need to practice "connecting' with one bell first to understand what it feels like.

Try to relax and keep the hips open. From what I have been told you should inhaling as the bell go up. Seems odd, but that comes from people who have been doing it longer than I.

I'm still doing jerks with a 16kg, one arm/one hand switch. once I can go 12 minutes I plan to go back down to 6 w/ two bells.

One last thing, I alway forget to ask you what you do and Purdue.

Teach? Research? Just curious.


Ron Ipock said...

I'm a professor of ancient philology which means I teach Latin, ancient Greek, and social history. Of course, once I become a Master of Sport World Class in GS, I'll need to quit my university job so that I can devote my attention to the duties of a Master of Sport such as making the talk show circuit, attending moonlight soirees at the Playboy Mansion, etc.

BJ Bliffert said...

Crazy, I took to years of Latin in High School.

Actually you could keep the University position and also be the Head Coach for Purdue GS.