Thursday, January 17, 2008

First 7 minute set...

So I got my first 7 minute set last night, not too shabby. It was tough and toward the last 30 seconds on each my technique sucked big time.

My corkscrew was off and the bell handle kept catching my palm. I can feel it in my hands today pretty bad.

So last nights session:

7 minute Snatch set @12RPM w/16kg
one arm swings 40/40, 20/20, 20/20, 20/20
Swipes w/ 2 10lb clubs 5x5

I was drained before training so this just enough for last night.

I have to go back and re-watch the swipe segment of Coach Sonnon's DVD, something just doesn't feel like it's "flowing" with the cast portion of the move. Hopefully it hasn't been packed yet.

Tonight I plan on toying with the deadlift so I can hopefully start a new cycle leading up to the TSC.

Hopefully I'll be able to make it the Lubbock, TX TSC and compete with our friends Jason and Allen.

Not sure if I'll make any PRs but it will be fun non-the-less.

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