Monday, January 28, 2008

Last weeks training

Last weeks training didn't go so well. Structured training session were pretty much non-existent.

We have been really pressed for for training time while working triple time to get all the projects we have started around the house before we get it up for sale.

luckily for me I have a 24kg bell in my office at the family business so last week consisted of lots of press ladders through out the day as well as impromptu snatch sets.

It's the only bell I had so I made due.

I was pleasantly surprised by my pressing strength and how little I felt it "in" my shoulder. That was an issue in the past on my right side, so it looks like the extra rest and limited heavy overhead exercises have paid off.

So this week, now that all of the big stuff around the house is pretty much taken care off I can get back on the horse, start building my time back up for snatches and swings as well as getting my deadlift cycle back on track.

We'll see ho this week goes.

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