Friday, January 18, 2008

The Start of a New DL Cycle

I deadlift for the first time in a long time today. I figured just in case we are in TX by the next TSC I should be able at least DL the same amount if not a 10lb PR.

Not to mention I'd like to be on somewhat the same page and the hosts Jason Marshall and Alan Martin. These boys are strong.

I kept it simple. Since I had 20 and 25kg plates I did a warm up with 60kg and 3 work sets with 110kg all for three reps.

Three reps seems to be the limit for me, after 3 I just lose interest.

Followed up with 3 ladder up to 3 for press with a 16kg bell

Last a 4 minute Snatch set with one hand switch at 2 mins done at 12RPM. I was still a little tired from the 7 minute sets a few night ago, I could really feel it in my grip and wasn't getting good hand placement on the back swing.

I practice few snatches and toyed grabbing the handle slightly different and I think I found what I need to be doing in order to maintain the "OK" sign onthe back swing.

Better luck tomorrow.

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