Thursday, February 14, 2008

1 For Every 3

Lasts night training was "so-so".

It was time for more timed snatch sets and after completing 10 minutes at 15RPM, I thought the next logical progression would be to back down to 8 minutes and up the pace to 20RPM which would be one rep every three seconds.


That is fast.

It felt like I was always playing catch up with the timer.

I broke me mentally because I couldn't catch up to he beeps.

I ended up with a somewhat poor performance, but it was a learning experience.

60 reps on the right and only 42 on the left.

I should have sucked it up on the right hand, grip was good...but that damn timer kept beeping.

So, I'll take it back down to 6 minutes for a few more sessions @ the 20RPM. Fitness isn't the issue here, it takes about 3 seconds to hear the beep and respond with another rep. I think after a few sessions it'll be easier to get a rhythm.

It was odd because it I am used to waiting for the beep, the difference between 4 and 3 seconds was amazing.

For the other snatch session I'll back it down to 15RPM and push for longer sets up to 14 minutes.

I moved onto deadlifts and and pulled 5x3 @ 225, felt good very easy.

Finished with one arm swings w. a 24kg 3 right and 3 left on the top of every minute. This will build over the next couple of weeks. This too was extremely easy.

Over all not bad, just wish the snatches would have gone better...Next time.

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