Saturday, February 16, 2008

Much Better

OK, after a not so good showing the other day, todays training totally made up for it.

After moving stuff (3 trailer loads...I have no idea where we got so much crap) I wasn't too sure how this session would go.

I set my goals high, I know what I needed to, and this time I wasn't going to let that little timer get the best of me.

So, with the GymBoss timer set at 5 seconds, after a quick round of joint mobility, I set out on snatch set.

It was a rough set, My form broke a little at the end just because my forearms were screaming at me.

I performed the usual one hand switch at 78 reps (right hand), a little past half through the set.

I ended with 68 reps on the left hand. Not too shabby.

If you do the math this set was...

12 minutes

I was pretty pumped, unfortunately so were my forearms.

After prying my hands back open and I moved on the the next movement.

I haven't clean and jerks in a while, and I needed a press for today so I thought, why not.

Usinga 24kg bell I banded out the following.

10/10, 5/5, 7/7, 6/6, 8/8

It was tough, I had a had time gripping the bell and "getting the bell where I wanted it" on the down swing.

The Jerks were strong and easier than with the 16 kg I have been using. It seemed easier to "push myself under", but I haven't used the 24kg for a timed set we'll see how it goes.

Finished with some 2 arms swings, again with the 24kg, 3 quick set of 20,15,15

I spent about 10 minutes or so fooling around on the pull up bar with front and back lever stuff. I managed to get one leg straight on a front lever for about 2 seconds.

Pretty happy with that session, hard and fun all in one.


Ron Ipock said...

are you doing your snatches with a 24kg?

BJ Bliffert said...

16kg. I have promised myself not to go up to the 24kg until I can do 100/100 in 10 minutes.

I will test myself with the 24kg, only to ensure I can hit my numbers for the RKC in April when I assist again, but that's it, I won't train with it.

Ron Ipock said...

hey, I've hit a bit of a plateau on my weight loss plan. I´m stuck around 220 and I believe a healthy weight for me would be around 185. Look at what I've started doing to try to jump over the plateau:

1. still using the Advocare stuff you gave me: 6 fish oils per day and 6 flax seed oils per day, as well as eating compliantly with Precision Nutrition plan.

2. training
a. working toward 200 snatches. Currently at about 8 minutes at 12 snatches per minute
b. 50 jerks with two 24kg kettlebells.
c. 100 (50 per side) of this combo: clean, press, front squat with 24 kg
d. 100 32 kg swings

If I maintain my diet and do this training every other day, should some weight loss be inevitable.

BJ Bliffert said...

Is this all in one workout? Looks like a lot of volume.

Are your snatches w/multiple hand switches of just one?

If one, have you gone ten minutes with a 16kg?

HOw many kcals are you eating per day? Do you use JB's PWO recommendations?

Do you eat dairy? Grains?

Ron Ipock said...

thanks for taking the time. Here are your answers:

This is one workout. It take over an hour to do with all my frequent breaks. I'm tired of having the tools and know-how, and yet still having pudge. So I am hellbent on burning off the fat

The snatches are with one switch and 8 minutes is my limit at 12 rpm.

I don't count kcals but I estimate I eat around 3000. Is the PWO post work out? If so, I am aware that PWO is the only time to ingest carbs.

I use some cheese on top of my eggs in the morning. That's about all the dairy I eat. As for grains, as a post workout meal I used to include half a cup of amaranth but lately it has been a hassle to pressure cook them so I haven't had any grains in a while