Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Time to slow down and regroup

In the past week I have decided to cut down on the number things I try to improve at one time. It seems every once in a while I get on a kick and have too many goals.

Now I'm all for setting goals, but I think a trap that many people fall into is they want to do so many things NOW.

So, they train hard but they don't progress at all, and despite all their efforts their level of fitness stay static.

I fell into that trap.

Now I'll dig out.

I am going to stick with a few basic moves and program around them.

I need to pick movements that require only the few pieces of equipment that will the be left at our house.

Slowly but surely, our resources are being whittled away.

With our house going to market within a week we can't have a gym in our basement. I have read lots of stories about people building great strength with nothing more than hard work and a limited number of pieces of equipment. And that is now our plan.

So here's list of what I'm going to keep:

3 Kettlebells. the standard set of 1@16kg, 1@24kg and 1@32kg

Our pull up bar can stay. W/Rings

A 7ft bar with 4 45lb plates.

Everything else is going to storage and will be on a truck in a couple of weeks for the first trip of "crap" going to Texas.

We were planning on training specificaly for the TSC, but the few few weeks are so screwed up with trying to move, or maybe even moving depending on the rate at which our house sells, we really have no idea where we will be!

Depending on where we are the closest TSC will be 5-6 hr away. Either at Brad Nelson's Kinetic Edge (Woodbury, MN) or Jason Marshall and Allen Martin's Lonestar Kettlebells (Lubbock, TX) are options if we choose to compete just for fun.

In addition to "thinning the herd" in term of equipment, I plan to do the same with the movements.



Presses/push presses/jerks.

Pull ups.

These are the new staples along with a few bodyweight exercises such as pistols.

That's it. Back to basics.

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