Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Back to training

I hate not training because of something like a cold.

I'm finally back on track.

Tuesday night I did Monday's scheduled training, or a modified version.

I simply did 5 sets of 20 one arm swings with a 24kg bell.

This was tough, my lungs were burning and I was coughing a ton crap up.

But I got it done.

Tonight, snatches and swings again with the 24kg.

5 sets of 15 for snatches at 15RPM

Two arm swings and pull ups to follow. 21, 15, 9 for both for time.

I mentioned in some past post I didn't want to train with the 24kg until I could get 100/100 with the 16kg. Well, I got little worried with the April RKC coming and although I know I can hit the snatch numbers easily, I don't any surprises. So afterwards I will hit that 100/100 goal.

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