Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Strong Session Last Night

Last night was tough but it was good. I felt strong all the way to the end.

As a warm up the get the juices flowing I started with:

Overhead Squats with PVC

Push ups

Kipping Pull ups

each was done for 5-10 reps for 3 rounds. Pull ups have improved nicely, just like with many other movements, learning the skill is a big part of improving the numbers. Before it was hard to pump out 3 reps in succession. Now 10-12 is the norm. I am sure I got a little stronger but the whole move just feels more fluid.

Training started with a timed set of snatches with the 24kg.

12RPM for 4 minutes.

This got tough, but I gutted it out and by end it felt pretty good. I'll try to push this a little further next time. Maybe a couple extra reps to push the set :30 to 1:00 longer.

C&J Ladders w/ a 24kg were next.

10 ladders of 1,2,3

This was tough but doable. I may add some 32kg ladders next week if I finish stripping them. Short version: I started to strip them to paint them but got side tracked with house project. They actually have dried stripper on them, now I have to start all over. This weekend it should get done.

No pull up bar play, as I had to help my dad move a fridge.

That's it 'til Wednesday's session.

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