Monday, April 21, 2008

Great traininng this weekend

This past weekend I had three good sessions.

Lots Jerks, Snatches and I played with some One Arm Long cycles, all felt great and all felt grooved.

The jerks surprised me.

What hit me as odd was when I did the Jerks combined with pacing, it cut my reps in half. I was lucky to get 13-14 reps with 2 16kgs kettlebells.

But, when I just decided to see how reps I could bang out and good clip.

I got 25 pretty easily.

I seems, for me at least, the rack position (you know where you are supposed to rest) is more work than actually performing the jerks.

So some more "work" will have to be done to learning to "rest".

Snatches felt good, I have been doing less and less snatching and more jerks lately since it seems to be the lift that I lack skill at.

I have also started using my weightlifting shoes for these training sessions. After the initial "getting used to them again" period I really like the solid support. I also figured out the sound I need to hear, from the heels hitting ground, if it's going to be a good rep. Kind like that nice "tink" sound when a golfer hits a good hear the and you know it's a good hit.

More Jerks tonight, although I need to taper a little for my Snatch test on Thursday.

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Jordan Vezina said...

I've found the amount of time spent in the rack during long cycle varies wildly from person to person. A big part of it is optimal 'racking' of the bells. Some cats get a lot out of stacking the handles, whereas it just screws me up if I start leaning off to the side. It's definitely a matter of finding your own personal cadence and getting that feeling of 'floating' the bell up. For a while I always felt like I was struggling in the rack when I should be resting, so you nailed it exactly. We have to 'learn' to rest.
I've started hitting the short cycle a lot more as there's nowhere to run, no cleans to save me if I'm not resting properly in the rack. Keep up the good work, It's forcing me to keep on my timed sets. :)