Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What did you do this weekend?

While you were sitting on your ass, bitching about the bad weather here in the Midwest, a group of about 60 individuals made the leap from ordinary to extraordinary.

My "new" friend Doug Chapman, also assisting this weekend, was nice enough to capture it so you can see what you could have done.

BTW, Doug is a stand up guy and runs an awesome facility in Ann Arbor, MI. Check it out.

And....if you get past the screening process, He may let you join.

No promises though.


Dr. Mark Cheng said...

BJ, you & Kori were big reasons why the weekend was so extraordinary. Thank you for making it memorable for so many with your hard work!

Much love from me & Courtney!

BJ Bliffert said...

Great to see again, my friend. August should be more of the same. Good times.


Jordan Vezina said...

My two favorite things together: pain and suffering. August it's on, and I'm glad to see by the above comment that you'll be there as well.

BJ Bliffert said...

Jordan, I will be in MN in August for the CK-FMS cert, not UCLA...unless of course they need more assistants.

Bob Garon II said...

BJ- what was the exact workout of your video?


1. What was the total distance of the entire field they had to cross?

2. What was the distance to travel or how many presses were needed by each person before beginning swings each time?

3. How many swings were performed before beginning the traveling presses again?

Thanks BJ

Joe Walker said...

BJ, it was great meeting both you and Kori. You both serve as fine examples of everything an RKC should be. Best of luck with the move.

BJ Bliffert said...


1. Distance = I don't know, but far. 3 or 4 softball fields worth.

It was all done for time. 20 secs works, 10 seconds rest. I took about 25 minutes for everyone to cross.

If you cross early, you go back and help your classmates. Help = take your bells back out and do more work.

Bob Garon II said...

So it was press or swing- whichever one you wanted- for a total of 25 minutes at an interval of 20/10(tabata). The rest was "rest" or was the 20s the presses and the 10s the swings?


BJ Bliffert said...


First, you farmer walk two bell to the other end end of the field.

Next, on Kenneth's cue, you start swinging for 20 seconds.

Then, 10 secs rest

Next walking see saw press for 20 secs, one press per step.

rest and repeat.

this continues until all attendees cross the last foul line on the furthest softball diamond.

It took about 25 minutes for all to complete.

Bob Garon II said...

That's a really cool workout. Thanks for sharing.

So I guess u staggered some folks cause I saw people swinging and pressing at the same time.

So to perfectly understand u each person did the farmer's carry portion first and then every other 20s you either do a swing set or see saw set? Or is the farmer's carry first, then everyone does a certain number of swing 20/10 intervals and then the walking see saw 20/10 presses across the field(until everyone crosses) begins?

BJ Bliffert said...

From the starting line, you carry your bells to the far end of the field.

swing 20 sec, rest 10 sec, walking see saw 20 sec, rest 10. Repeat until you cross the line.

If you saw people swinging and pressing at the same time it simply means somebody, somewhere got off sequence.

Bob Garon II said...

LOL! :) Okay. :)

Awesome vid and awesome workout. I'm gonna do that this week.

Thanks again BJ

Have a great night.