Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New links to the left!

I added a couple of links today on the left sidebar.

First scroll down and pick up copy of The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan. I'm about half way through it and it's really got me thinking about some of the food choices American's make everyday.

Pollan does a great job of pointing out you may be eating exactly what you think and while the human species is an omnivore and survive by eating just about anything, most people, because of their food choices, eat a whole lot of only one thing. You may be surprised what that one thing is.

Pollan also goes into great detail about what happens when you feed an animal that has evolved to eat grass, and feed it grains. It isn't pretty.

This leads to the second new link I posted.

Check out Northstar Bison and pick up some 100% grass fed bison, no anti-biotics, no hormones.

My first order from them was the sampler, I got everything from Bison to chicken, turkey, ostrich (this was awesome) to shrimp.

By now I was convinced this was quality stuff and I ordered a ton of New York Strips. Cook it rare to medium rare and you can't beat it.

Everything came shipped frozen and the next day. This is really an A+ operation. When we visited TX over Christmas, I ordered some steaks they were delivered promptly all the way to TX for no extra charge.

'till later.


Charley said...


I met you and your wife at Unlock in 2006, and am glad to have run across your blog.

Your reading list to the left is fascinating, and I bought Pollan's and Taubes' books. After reading the first part of Pollan's book, I felt like I had just read Sinclair's Jungle. I need to find a local ranch that feeds their livestock properly, or I may order from your friends at Northstar.

Taubes scares the hell out of me - has our government, with its eating recommendations, doomed a generation of Americans to poor health? I am totally rethinking the way I eat. Thanks for posting those.

It sounds like you and I are having the same sort of fun with jerks. I have found that the rack is elusive, and takes a lot of time under the bells to achieve a somewhat comfortable position. Stick with it - it does get better.

I am glad to see you and Kori moving to the Promised Land. Frisco is nice - I have a good friend and several cousins who live in the area, and they all like it.

Good luck with your training and your move.


BJ Bliffert said...


great to hear from you, I check your blog fairly regulary.

The Promised Land indeed.

There are plenty to local places to get meat. Check out you'll have no problems finding what you want to eat.