Monday, May 19, 2008

Almost There!


It's a been a hectic couple of weeks, but we are almost there!

For the most part, we are all moved in...but not even close to unpacked.

Kori has started work at the hospital, today actually. I'm still up in WI, but getting ready to make th final drive with the dog and what little we have left up here.

Training has been here and there, between moving, graduations and whatever other loose ends I have to tie up.

I did, however, have a great session with Doug Sides last week. I made the drive to Rockford, IL and man was it worth it. He tweaked a few things with my technique, and before I knew it I set a PR, jerking 2 32kg bells for 6 reps. I was really suprised how easy they went up. So, I am going rethink what I'd like to accomplish by the end of the year. Doug seemed to have more confidence in my abilities than I did, and really showed my I should probably using heaier bells for most of my training...which I will do now.

Once we get a high speed connection set I'll share a story (funny now, but not when it was happening).

Until then.


Fireman Tom said...


sent you an email about LCC&J form - did you ever get it?

Glad to see you got to train under an AKC to improve your GS technique. You have the solid S&C base to put up some great numbers.

Tom Corrigan

BJ Bliffert said...

Tom, I didn't get your e-mail, but would like to hear how I could imporve.

I know I need heavier bells. At Dougs the 24s and 32s flew right off my hips and came right back to my hips. I still have to keep reminding myself "thumbs back".

In fact I'll go practice now.

Fireman Tom said...

what is the best email for you? I'll re-send it.



BJ Bliffert said...

Tom, send it to

Thanks, I look fwd to reading it.


Joe Walker said...

Glad to hear that things are moving along (no pun intended) with the journey to Texas. All the best to you and Kori.

Jordan Vezina said...

Glad the move is going well BJ. Good for you trying to keep the training up, a lot of people would have used it as an excuse to skip out.