Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bang for your buck

I haven't had a lot of time in the past week to train.

The move is coming so fast and is the priority right now.

So when I do get some free time, it's Long Cycle Clean & Jerks.

Is this the perfect movement?

Could be, if your pressed for time.

Friday and today I simply set my timer for 20 minutes and, while focusing on technique first and foremost, I would bang out between 5-10 reps. I made sure to "rest" in the rack at 3-5 seconds to get used to being there.

I am having a much easier time finding my hip due to more hip flexor flexibility, and really just forcing myself into the correct position.

Friday session got a little rocky. I was getting more concerned with doing more reps rather than doing the reps right. My breathing was all out of whack, actually I had only a vague idea of what the proper breathing pattern was for this movement.

Luckily, I met Doug Sides last weekend at the RKC.

Doug is a certified AKC Coach form Rockford, IL. I shot him and e-mail, and I got a very complete, detailed explanation of what to do.

Today I did what Doug said, and it was unbelievable how much easier the bells went up.

I only did sets of 5 because I wanted them to be as near to perfect as I am able to them.

So, if you read this, Thanks Doug.


Bob Garon II said...

BJ would you mind emailing me the details what Doug said regarding the LC C&J please? I too have begun working with this movement and want to master it properly instead of acquiring bad habits.


Bob Garon

Ron Ipock said...

BJ, I saw your LCCJ video with your pro-grades. I just received my new 24kg and I did some work with it although my hands were on fire (who needs gloves with paint stripper?).

Do you have any sage advice for hip mobility. I have been doing supine bridges and standing hurdler stretches. I know losing the beer gut will also help. But any suggestions aside from practicing?

Iron Tamer said...

BJ, I tried to email you concerning the TX invasion leg of the hide your beer tour, and it bounced. email me?

BJ Bliffert said...

Hey All,
Sorry for the late relpy, but we are between homes right now, with little access to the internet.

I should be able to get relpies up in about a week, once we get a high speed connection in TX.

Dave, e-mail coming at ya as we "speak".