Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kettlebell Training 11-25-08

Today's training was a little disappointing.

I have switched back to training for the biathlon event on GS. This will consist of a set of double kettlebell jerks and a of snatches.

My snatches, due to lack of training them, have really fallen.

Where I was consistently to the ten minutes mark with a 16 kilo bell, I am struggleing to go 10 minutes with a 12kg. It'll come back, Cate Imes has giving me some good advce, I am trying to put her pointers to use.

Jerks are another story.

Because of my Long Cycle training, my jerk strngth is good, but I struggle to find the rack with the lighter bells.

I have a pair of 20kg in route so they may be the great equalizer. Light enough to go long, heavy enough to force my elbows down.

Today I practiced only the Comp lift, no assist lifts, and kept the reps low. I just wanted to practice to skills.

2-24kg @ 4 Rpm, 12 reps = 3 minutes

1-16kg @ 12 RPM, 36R/36L = 6 minutes.

Went for a 30- minutes run with Kori after. An easy 2.5 mile fartlek.

We'll see what happpens tomorrow.


P. J. said...

do you train with competition bells?

BJ Bliffert said...

Since this has become my main focus I have have switched to training with comp size bells.

All of my classes and clients, though, train with DD bells. We don't teach or coach any GS with them. HS fits there goals, so that is what they do.

BJ Bliffert said...

They also allow me to train each move as a skill since my groove and rack won't change with the size of the bell.

If you're not wanting to compete I really don't think it matters which you train with, and long as they get used.

I read somewhere, if you kettlebell handles are getting rusty, you're getting fat.

Bob Garon II, IKFF, AKC said...

Workout looks solid. When I got my new bells I just had to Snatch them cause I really don't care for snatching the DDs and haven't in quite some time since I too have been working on the Jerks and now LC. I couldn't believe where my Snatch conditioning had gone. LOL

It sure felt good though. And my handles will NOT be getting rusty... Not this boy's toys. :)