Monday, December 1, 2008

Jerk PR Today

Today I hit a nice Jerk PR. I traded down to only one bell for this weeks trainnig.

So w/ 1 24kg bell and an RPM of 4 reps I went a 8 minutes, switched at for. Towards the end it gets harder to hold the bell them it does to jerk it. After all, it's only 53lbs, my legs can surely handle that for quite some time. But the rack, oh the rack.

Snatches went fine, 16kg bell at 12 RPM for 6 minutes. Still not in a hurry to push this up. I figure as my Jerk numbers increase my snatches will as well.

That's it for today, no assistance, no running. But new this week will be some yoga. Tomorrow will be the first session.


charley allen said...

BJ, thanks for stopping by at my blog. I'm kind of strapped for time so I don't post as much as I would like, but I am training when I can. My son and wife are doing well. Stick with some one armed work - it pays dividends. Like anything, timed set training takes a commitment and sometimes isn't a lot of fun.

Bob Garon II, IKFF, AKC said...

That 24 for 8 is always fun isn't it?! LOL!

I'm still working on my Long Cycle and will be for a long time. Fitting isn't it, but for my goal I must do it.

Enjoy your Yoga. I love yoga and practice it regularly. I am actually in the process of coming up with my own hybrid stretching and yoga combo. I'll have to come over and show you once I'm done.

Let me know how it goes. By the way did you get my email?