Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Slow and Steady

Training has gone well the last couple of days.

Monday I hit 10 minutes with 20kg One Arm Kettlebell Jerks at 5 RPM. It wasn't too hard, I just noticed I started to get "antsy" toward the end. I knew I could do and i just wanted the set to be over

Followed that up with some more OAJs with a 32kg 10 reps per side, the focus was quickness. I treated them like barbell jerks, the faster the better.

On to Kettlebell Snatches, nothing earth shattering, just slowly building volume. I chose a 16kg bell and an RPM of 12. So, one snatch every 5 seconds. I always train with a GymBoss, analog clocks, while they work fine, are not for me.

A 6 minute set for a total of 72 reps.

Followed by some swing w/ a 24kg. I just can't get into swings lately. I'd rather do more heavy jerks as an assistance exercise. But, that's just me.

Lastly a run in which I pushed the pace over our normal 2.5 mile coarse. Everything just clicked, and while still minutes slower than my best 5k, I was happy with it.


Today's training I dialed it back in order to fit more volume in and run myself into the ground. I have had a slightly naggin shoulder for the last couple of days. It has more to do with my posture while working than it does with my training.

After a good warm up I did 2 sets of 6 minutes, again One Arm Jerk, at 6 RPM.

So although my set was shorter the density of work was slightly higher as was the pace. These felt good, fairly easy as 16kg is nothing to write home about.

I wanted to work long on the snatches and maintain good technique so I backed it down to the 12kg today and did a full 10 minutes set. My focus was to cast the bell and not catch my callouses. Mission accomplished.

No other assistance, I'll run later or possibly set up my bike on the trainer since it's only 32 degrees. Normally I'd still run in shorts and a hoodie, but since moving to TX I've become somewhat of a wuss in the "cold".


Bob Garon II, IKFF, AKC said...


I feel ya on the weather. It's been quite chilly here. In the mornings I have to put on long pants and wear a somewhat heavy coat. It's still nowhere near bundling up for the Chicago weather that I grew up in, but it's COLD for me. I think we get into the low 50's or maybe even the 40's. Today it's a beautiful 72 degrees. :)

I hope it warms up for me when I come in Jan.

Boris T. said...

I understand what you mean by getting antsy at the end of the 10min set. I get the same feeling and that is usually where I find myself messing up.