Friday, August 3, 2007

Change of Pace.

While I had good intentions of sticking with my original plan a few post back...but I got so fricken bored, I had almost all motivation to train. What used to thrill me, became a burden. In the past that has always been a sign something needs to change, even though I was still making great heart wasnt in it.

There were a few things going on. Volume, there was too much of it for my caloric intake. I hindsight, switching back to a Warrior diet type eating plan, wasn't the best choice for the amount of volume I wanted to do.

I raised my calories, so that problem is fixed. I also increased to number of meals per day back to 4-6. Energy levels have sored. I also think the added protein has revved up metabolism and I even put on some muscle I'm not as lean as I was, but I'll take some extra thickness in the upper back. I'm walking around between 166-172 depending on when my last refeed was.

I have changed the way I warm up. I still Joint Moblity, but I have been throwing in some light Oly lifting to warm the hips and shoulders up and it's making a huge differnce.

Shoulder pain...Gone. Now I'm sure it's a comination of things but the added molibity/stability one gets just from some overhead barbell squats is amazing.

The TSC is six weeks from tomorrow, exactly. In my head that will make a nice little cycle of very concentrated work.

I'm going to only strength train 3 days per week, hard and heavy. High rep snatches at the end, rather then on separete days. Maybe some sled draggin' or GPP on two of the days, but for recovery's sake only.

Lot's of foam rolling and molbilty.

Lot's of protein. If it used to have a face, it's fair game!

The goal, focus only on the TSC and pull off a PR in at least one of the events. This will be my first type of competition like this so I'm not too worried about how I place.

As for diet.

I do really really well on low carb, keto style eating plans. Don't know why. Maybe there's something to that whole metabolic typing theory?

Funny thing, Kori does also.

So that's what I'm going back to, I'll do a carb refeed periodically.

Coincidentially this how I ate all through college and that's when I was at my peak in strength and leaness...

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