Monday, August 6, 2007

One day, at Band Camp.....

No, not what your thinking.

Actually Band Camp is an all day music festival in Madison. WI put on by a local radio station. The line up rivals most of the larger festivals that travel the States.

I don't know about you, but I like aggressive music when I train, as does Kori. We typically go to these festivals and get to see the bands we listen to while throwing around the heavy kettlebells.

So we made the 60 minute trek west to Madison, at got to hear bands like Dope, Nonpoint, Kittie, In This Moment, Die Cast and many others. The Co-headliners were Sevendust and Stone Sour, although we didn't stay for them. It was a long day and unlike Alpine Valley, Willow Island has no place to sit. It had rained the night before so the ground was still wet. A wet butt I was not havin'.

It was nice to get away and not think about training or the biz for the day. Below are a couple of vids of the bands we saw. I realize this isn't for everyone, but your never know, you may here something your like.

Royce, if you read this, this would have been a show for you!

First band that out performed my expectations was "In This Moment". I get to see them again in a week at Ozzfest. Check it below.

For something a little more hardcore, check out their other single "Prayers"

Here's one from Nonpoint, great energy on stage and you could tell they love what they do.

Kittie, the band Kori went to see. By this time mud balls were flying, the singer actually had to dodge a few.

It was a long day but fun. Next weekend is Ozzfest. Then I think we're done with concerts until next year.

Training post to come later, stay tuned.



Albert Suckow said...

(Real) rock gets so little marketing nowadays it's hard to find fans. What do you think of White Zombie and Fear Factory?

See you on 9/8.

BJ Bliffert said...

I saw Rob Zombie headline the 2nd stage at Ozzfest 2005, and again the following Aril, great shows and I really enjoy his music. Fear Factory, not bad, I have one album but I don't play it much. Lynchpin is a great song though.