Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Monday's Training

I'm really starting to focus on the TSC coming up. This will be the first strength competition I have ever trained for, so it should be pretty interesting.

Here's how it went down last night

Warm Up was pump stetches and barbell complexes using oly lifts with and empty bar.

Deadlift 6x2 @ 300 lbs (working for a 400lb pull at the TSC)
Back Squat 5@135 3@185 3x1@235 I havent practiced squating in what seems like forever. As I re-learn the skill the numbers should go back up quickly.
KB Snatch 10x3r/l w/1minute rest between sets, lots of hips, felt very strong
Pull Ups w/BW 4,3,2,1

All-in-all I accomplished what I wanted to. A Simple, fairly heavy workout to start the week out.

Thanks for reading.

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