Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Short and Sweet

Felt like something a little heavier tonight.

I haven't done Turkish Get Ups in a while, so I felt I was due to give them a shot.

First set was a little shaky

40kg 1R/1L
32kg 1R/1L x 3 sets

135 x 3 reps
225 x 2 reps
275 x 1 rep 5 sets

Called it quits after that, just wanted to focus on tension and keeping it. I had some problems with this in the TGUs, that was my fault, my ego got in the way and I started too heavy. No problems with the deadlift, these were sub-maximal weights and I just wanted to practice my groove.

My goal is 5 wheels for the next TSC.

More Pistol practice tomorrow.

Train Hard!

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