Friday, January 18, 2008

The only time I like the cold...

Temperature at Kickoff on Sunday: -2 degrees, The high for the day is only 1 degree.
Winds: 10-12 miles an hour
Wind Chill: I thought I heard -15ish

I have been to some cold games at Lambeau. Funny thing is, once your inside your not cold. Your "seat" is 16" of space on a bleacher. Hardly enough room for most Wisconsinites, so as you may have's a tight fit in the stands. But, it keeps you warm.

I wish I were going to this one, but tickets are going for about 1500-2000 bucks.

Fun Fact: Eli Manning's favorite show is Seinfeld. The local TV stations in Green Bay that carry Seinfeld re-runs will not be showing the sit-com, instead there are rumors they will be showing Packer High-Light shows.

Not training related, but it's pretty much all that people are talking about here.

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