Tuesday, February 5, 2008

14 inches and a Press PR

So, with the weather forecast calling for anywhere between 8 and 14 inches of snow tonight, Kori and I headed down into the basement for another training session.

With our impending move to the Lone Star State little by little our basement is starting to look, well, like a basement and less like a gym.

Piece by piece our equipment is leaving for the storage unit.

Tonight the squat stands left, as did one of the sit up benches and the dip stand.

No problem, we'll improvise.

It means the squat groove I was working on will be put on hold, but I'll manage.

Tuesdays are now a day dedicated to (relatively) heavy loading, low reps and creating tension.

Sumo Deadlifts started out the session.

For the past few years I have pulled conventional.


Because I could pull more and it was a great ego stroke.

Well, no more. Take a quote from Brad Nelson, "I must do what I hate." Meaning, it'll hurt my ego a little, using lighter loads, but in the end I'll be better off.

One thing that may be a benefit, if I can groove the sumo DL I may be able to pull more due to the fact...I'm short, and the decrease in the distance the bar has to travel.

So I worked up to 4 sets of 5 reps with a measly 185, I just wanted to feel it out and make sure I could get my ass into the move. By the last set the load felt extremely light and I could tell as soon as the bar broke the ground I had found a nice groove, now let's hope I can find it in the next session.

Next came the PR

36kg KB press for 5 singles R/L, real happy about this. Watch out Bulldog!

Finished with 5x5 Pull ups with bodyweight. I'll start to add some external load in the next session. These have bothered my shoulders in the past and I wanted to feel this out, especially after heavy pressing.

The whole time this was going on Riley, the dog, was walking on the treadmill. It was a PR for him to, normally you have to stand right next to the tread while he's on it, not tonight, he just walked and wagged his tail the whole time. 17 minutes all by himself.

Time for dinner and then the first round of snow blowing.

What's really depressing is, at our house in Texas it was in the 70's the last couple of days...AND NOT SNOWING!


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