Thursday, February 7, 2008

Our last Kettlebell Workshop EVER!!

Yep, you read that correctly!

This will be our last Kettlebell Workshop EVER in the state of Wisconsin and we slashed the price!

So for all of you guys who have been on the fence in the past...


Your last chance to learn the SUPER SIX Kettlebell Exercises that may change the way you workout FOREVER!!

Follow the link below to learn more about the workshop and just so you know...

Spots are already going fast!!

Here's the link:

Get signed up today!!

In Strength,



Phillip said...

Sorry to hear you are leaving Wisconsin. So no TSC here in Brookfield?

BJ Bliffert said...

No, unfortunately.

It came down to a timing thing and our time table has been pushed fwd dramatically.

Phillip said...

Best of luck down there in Texas. Keep in touch.

BJ Bliffert said...

Not to mention, the 20 inches of snow we got yesterday is quite the motivator to find a warmer place to live.

Kettlebell Instructors/0311 said...

Too much snow is the great white north? Eli Manning's run to the Super Bowl too much for you, too?

Que honda guero?


BJ Bliffert said...

I just want to be closer to you Will. Kori has family there, and my sister lives in Mississippi now since her husband (Marine) got transfered to a Navy base down there.

And, toward the end of the game I was actually rooting for Eli.

But, I will never become a Cowboys fan. The Cowboys of the '90s were the Packers' worst enemy...stupid dome.