Saturday, February 2, 2008

Just a second faster.

After a full day of working on the house doing misc. piddly jobs, Kori got home from and we headed down stairs to train.

Yesterday left us both sore and Kori worked the usual 12 hr shift, but we ended up having a great session.

Yesterday in case you're wondering we did a quick Swing and Pull Up session a la CF


Swings w/24kg followed by pull up, no rest until after the last 3 pull ups, well that is if you could help it.

I finished in just over 17 minutes..the pull ups kill me and my grip was shit after the first set of 21.

Anyway, today we focused on snatch work.

Going the full ten minutes in my last session of snatches has really boosted my confidence with this move.

I was sort of unsure where to progress to, so I asked those who know more than I and the consensus was to start to go faster but not to drop below eight minutes if possible.

So, that was the goal.

8 minutes

15 RPM or one snatch every 4 secs.

Basically what this did was condense the same amount of work into 2 less minutes. I still hit 120 reps, but I ended up doing three more per minute.

Not a huge increase, but another step in the right direction.

I switched hands at the half-way point again so I ended up with 60reps both right and left.

Then I moved on to some jerk practice....That was another story.

Need a lot of practice.


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