Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Out of the Loop.

Well, I have been out of the loop for the last week.

With the move coming ever so close, we decided it would be best to get a jump on it and take a truck load of "stuff" to what we have been referring to as the "Texas House".

We came to this conclusion because as we were pacing to make our house presentable for the potential buyers, we noticed a few things.

1. We have a lot of crap!
2. We have 3 vehicles.
3. We have a lot of crap!

So, Armed with a 24' truck, a car trailer from Tuesday to Wednesday night we packed the truck full.

Everything we didn't NEED to live went to Texas. Along with 23 KBs, still in their boxes, almost all mt weight plates, squat stands, desks beds, a couch and end tables, dinning room set, you name it, it probably went.

So, needless to say, last weeks training was scant at best. But, with all the lifting and carrying I think I'll be OK.

Thursday we headed to K-Mart's parking lot to try to get the car on the trailer. After 3 tries we got it up, pretty trick trying to get a stick shift cat onto a trailer.

By 8:30 we were on the road.

We (my Dad and I) were a little tentative at first, not sure if the car would actually stay on the trailer. And after a horrible section of I-43, we were off and running at 70 MPH.

It was pretty uneventful drive the first day. We (I) had planned on driving straight through, by 10:30 we were somewhere in OK. Our trusty Garmin lead to where a hotel was supposed to be, but there wasn't, so we hand to drive another 40 miles to McAlester, OK.

After a 5 hours of sleep we were back at it.

By 8:30 we where at the "Texas House".

Relief at last.

The car was still on the trailer, and nothing shifted in the truck. No China broke and no holes in the couch.

First item on the list, get the car off the trailer and go get some breakfast.

OK, I have only been to Frisco on one trip so I have only a vague idea of where anything is. So we started driving, and I saw a familiar road and knew there was a Denny's on it somewhere in Plano. That's where we ended up.

Then we unloaded, and what took two days full days to load took only one to unload.

This was still Friday, we don't fly out until Monday. For the next two days we put stuff together, arranged furniture and replaced door knobs.

Door Knobs?


In my opinion it's the little things that set one house apart from others. I love the little things. Knob and hinge finishes, lighting/fan fixture finishes, moulding profiles, door panel configurations. After being around the lumber and building products business with my family for so long these things have been ingrained in my brain.

In Texas all the fixtures and knobs are bright brass.

Brass, unless antique, is a no go. Everything got changed out to Antique Pewter, and the fans will be changed to an Oil Rubbed finish.

We will also be swapping the door on the pantry to a "Pantry Door".

Other than those small changes, we don't have to do anything, unlike our current home which for the last 4 years we have been constantly updating.

After a 5:40AM flight home with a quick layover in Atlanta, it's back to the cold, snow and daily grind.

Although I am looking forward to getting back to training.

Timed Snatches and Swings tonight.


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